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Aspect's Bazel support is the missing commercial support option for Bazel Open Source Software and its ecosystem of rules. Our experts will do our best to keep your team unblocked by answering questions, pointing to relevant documentation and issues, and recommending best practice patterns we've seen succeed.


Our training courses cover everything from Bazel essentials to advanced topics for build system engineers. Whether your team is new to Bazel or seeking to deepen their expertise, our hands-on exercises and comprehensive materials will prepare them for success.


Our engineers will work alongside your development team to develop custom rules, fix bugs in open source rules and Bazel core, and unwind patches in your repository.

What customers say about us

Aspect Development seamlessly steered our build system transition from a jumble of various technologies to solely Bazel. The efficiency with which they completed a task that would have otherwise taken us many months is a testament to their unparalleled expertise. Above all, collaborating with every member of the Aspect Development team was an absolute pleasure.

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Mirko Mikulic

CTO of audienzz AG

As a Bazel monorepo, our frontend builds have always been difficult to understand and reason about. With Aspect's congenial, guided assistance, we've brought our production and local development build pipelines closer to each other. We've also brought Bazel's NPM management into a new and more hermetic structure, and we’ve unlocked future improvement paths via SWC and esbuild integrations.

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Vasilios Pantazopoulos


I cannot imagine building and testing Angular without Bazel. It's been a life-changer for us and enabled us to scale and iterate in ways that we couldn't have accomplished otherwise without sacrificing correctness and ultimately reliability of our CI infrastructure. Alex and Greg were key to our onboarding. I have a lot of respect for their unrelenting focus on increasing developer productivity at scale.

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Igor Minar

TL of Angular

We felt intimidated by Bazel at first, but Aspect accompanied us in implementing it in our TypeScript monorepo. We've drastically reduced our overall CI pipeline time from an hour to 7 minutes

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Tristan Foureur

CTO of WeMaintain

The team helped us to make improvements to local development: no more random bash scripts that you forget to run, incremental builds reduced to seconds from minutes.

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Lewis Hemens


At Allocadia we use Bazel as the primary build system in a monorepo consisting of multiple applications, services and deployments across a range of technologies. Bazel has provided many benefits over previous build systems.

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Jason Bedard



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