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Accelerate your team’s delivery

Fast builds

Fast builds

Optimize your Bazel configuration so you can spend less time waiting on CI and more time shipping code to production.

Reduced compute costs

Reduced compute costs

Minimize cloud costs with self-hosted, auto-scaling CI runners that leverage Bazel’s built-in incrementally

Remote cache & execution

Aspect Workflows remote cache & remote execution clusters are self-hosted on your AWS or GCP cloud account.

Comprehensive Solution

Features to support each part of the development process, so you can focus on delivering exceptional products.

“We went from having significant limits in CI and tools to where the limits are now just due to our code.”

Neal Norwitz, Software Engineer


Faster no-op build from 11 min to 1 min


Speedup of typical build & test


Reduced compute costs (despite higher usage)

“If we showed this to all the engineers at Sourcegraph there would be a mutiny if we didn't buy it.


More sub-2min builds


Speedup of median build & test


Reduced compute costs (despite higher usage)

Aspect Workflows

Aspect Workflows integrates Bazel with your CI/CD workflow using your existing CI platform.

Aspect Workflows is a fully-managed offering. We operate the services, tune infrastructure configurations, and ensure CI stays fast and cloud costs are minimized.

Reduce compute costs by scaling down unneeded replicas off-peak

Avoid slow builds by keeping CI workers warm

Configure Bazel with CI specific flags

No Migration Necessary


Deployed to your cloud environment.

google cloud

Works with your existing CI system

Aspect Workflows ensures CI stays fast and cloud costs are minimized.

github actions

Achieving the Promised 3x-10x Bazel Speedup

Make Builds Fast

Includes horizontally scalable remote cache and execution

Detect anomalies to know when code changes regress performance

Warm, persistent CI runners

Comprehensive Solution

Formatting and linting

Ensure that formatters were run and fail quickly, with a developer experience that guarantees quick repair

Selective Delivery

Determine which deterministic build outputs differ from previous green builds

Coming soon

Re-build changed artifacts with version stamping enabled

Coming soon

Publish these artifacts to external storage such as container registry or cloud storage buckets

Coming soon

Ensure that PR/diff requests don’t have permission to push artifacts

Coming soon

Introducing Aspect’s code review bot, Marvin!

Marvin delivers build and test results directly to pull requests, ensuring you receive immediate notifications when a build begins to fail.


Dynamically stream failed test targets, build errors, and reproduction steps to a GitHub comment as soon as they occur.

Gain visibility into cache performance — see which tests were executed and how much time was saved via caching.

Link directly to the underlying CI host tasks on Buildkite, CircleCI, or GitHub Actions.


Improve visibility of errors by bringing them directly into code review.

Reduce time to action by fixing errors before a build finishes.

Assist new Bazel developers by providing repro commands.

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