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Why Aspect Workflows?

Fast builds

Fast builds

Optimize your Bazel configuration with fast warming, auto-scaling CI workers, a horizontally scaling remote cache and auto-scaling remote build executors so you can spend less time waiting on CI and more time shipping code to production.


Aspect Workflows is available as a fully-managed offering that runs on your AWS or GCP cloud account. We operate the services, tune infrastructure configurations, and ensure CI stays fast and your cloud costs are minimized.

Monitoring & alerts

Monitoring & alerts

Monitor your build metrics over time & get alerted immediately when there is a build or test breakage on main or a performance regression to your build lands.

Reduced compute costs

Reduced compute costs

Minimize cloud costs with auto-scaling CI workers that leverage Bazel’s built-in incrementally.

“We went from having significant limits in CI and tools to where the limits are now just due to our code.”

Neal Norwitz, Software Engineer


Faster no-op build from 11 min to 1 min


Speedup of typical build & test


Reduced compute costs (despite higher usage)

Aspect Workflows

Aspect Workflows integrates Bazel with your CI/CD workflow using your existing CI platform.

Aspect Workflows is a fully-managed offering. We operate the services, tune infrastructure configurations, and ensure CI stays fast and cloud costs are minimized.

Reduce compute costs by scaling down unneeded replicas off-peak

Avoid slow builds by keeping CI workers warm

Configure Bazel with CI specific flags

Aspect Workflows integrates with

Achieving the Promised 3x-10x Bazel Speedup

Aspect CLI is a drop-in replacement for the Bazel CLI that comes with Bazel

We also provide Bazel “rules” to integrate tightly with language ecosystems



Helpful prompts fix errors when running in an interactive terminal



Power your developer experience workflows



Fit Bazel into your team’s development process, with custom commands, behaviors, and integrations

Open source

Open source

Free for use by individuals, non-profits, and small businesses

The end-to-end Bazel experience  developers want to use

To install the Aspect CLI, run:

brew install aspect-build/aspect/aspect

Aspect install

Open source and no lock-in

Aspect CLI is free to use

You can rely on aspect to power your developer experience workflows.

It is a superset of what Bazel provides, so you can always go back to running bazel commands.

In fact, it includes bazelisk which is the recommended version manager from the Bazel team.

It is open-source and free to use

Aspect Rules

We’ve developed powerful rules based on our years of experience working with Bazel. Our rules are free to use and released under the Apache 2.0 License.


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  • rules_py - Bazel rules for running Python tools and building Python projects

C / C++

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  • rules_oci - Bazel rules for building OCI containers


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  • bazel-lib - Common useful rules & functions for writing custom build rules with Starlark

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