What is Bazel?

Conference talks

Achieving the Promised 3x-10x Bazel Speedup

Aspect Workflows

Python and Bazel: Aspect’s rules_py

Bazel-lib for BUILD and rules authors

I'm an Imposter and So Can You: working in many languages at once

Aspect.build: An end-to-end Bazel experience developers want to use

Bazel community update

Using Bazel for JavaScript Projects

Google Open Source Live "Bazel day":
Full Event

BazelCon 2019 Day 2: Bazel Migration Patterns

ng-conf 2019: The Bazel opt-in preview is here

Google Cloud Next: Building Apps Like Google with Angular, Bazel, and GCP

BazelCon 2018: Building Large Angular Apps with Bazel

ng-conf 2018: Full Stack development with Nx and Bazel

AngularMIX: Develop Angular like Google Does

Meetup talks

Migrating away from rules_docker to rules_oci

STT e53 - The Bazel Build System, and Aspect.dev (Guest: Alex Eagle)

AngularNYC Meetup: Bazel in Angular CLI

ModernWeb Meetup: Layering in JS tooling


Communications of the ACM: Lessons from Building Static Analysis Tools at Google

Testing on the Toilet: Change-Detector Tests Considered Harmful

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