Bazel rules for JavaScript

High-performance Bazel rules for running Node.js tools and building JavaScript projects

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Only fetch and link npm packages needed for the requested targets

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Works seamlessly with Node.js module resolution

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Parallelize your Node.js build with fine grained targets and remote execution

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Supports npm workspaces

Nested npm packages in a monorepo

Faster and more compatible

rules_js is a faster and more compatible approach to integrating JavaScript build, test, and release tooling under Bazel, compared with the earlier rules_nodejs

rules_js solves these problems

rules_js solves many of the problems that node_js users have endured, including:

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Too slow to run a full package manager install whenever a file like package.json changes

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Having separate source and output folders breaks expectations of Node.js tooling. For example, TypeScript required a tricky rootDirs setting to resolve everything

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No support for "workspaces" so every package.json had to be independently installed

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Performance: treating npm packages as directories rather than thousands of files was bolted-on late in rules_nodejs and hard to adopt

rules_js documentation

See the documentation for rules_js on our Bazel rules doc site

Try out examples for Angular, React, Next.js, NextJS and more

Migration guide

A step-by-step guide for migrating to rules_js

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