Aspect Rules

The Bazel rules listed below are built and maintained by Aspect engineers. They are free to use and released under the Apache 2.0 License.

High-performance Bazel rules for running Node.js tools and building JavaScript projects

A step-by-step guide for migrating to rules_js

rules_js - Bazel rules for building JavaScript programs

rules_ts - Bazel rules for TypeScript

rules_swc - Bazel rules for swc

rules_esbuild - Bazel rules for esbuild JS bundler

rules_terser - Bazel rules for Terser - a JavaScript minifier

rules_webpack - Bazel rules for Webpack

rules_rollup - Bazel rules for rollup.js - a JavaScript bundler

rules_jest - Bazel rules to run tests using Jest

rules_jasmine - Bazel rules to run tests using Jasmine

rules_cypress - Bazel rules to run tests using Cypress

Bazel rules for building OCI containers

Bazel rules for running Python tools and building Python projects

A fully-hermetic Bazel GCC toolchain for Linux

Common useful rules & functions for writing custom build rules with Starlark

Aspect's Bazel helpers library

Base Starlark libraries and basic Bazel rules which are useful for constructing rulesets and BUILD files.

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Aspect CLI makes it easy for developers to diagnose their broken build with helpful commands and links to documentation.