Optimize Build and Test times
while controlling CI costs. 

Experience the 10x performance benefit of Bazel

Why Aspect Workflows?

Fast builds

Fast builds

Optimize your Bazel configuration with fast warming, auto-scaling CI workers, a horizontally scaling remote cache and auto-scaling remote build executors so you can spend less time waiting on CI and more time shipping code to production.


Aspect Workflows is available as a fully-managed offering that runs on your AWS or GCP cloud account. We operate the services, tune infrastructure configurations, and ensure CI stays fast and your cloud costs are minimized.

Monitoring & alerts

Monitoring & alerts

Monitor your build metrics over time & get alerted immediately when there is a build or test breakage on main or a performance regression to your build lands.

Reduced compute costs

Reduced compute costs

Minimize cloud costs with auto-scaling CI workers that leverage Bazel’s built-in incrementally.

Most CI platforms are based on the premise that the build system is incorrect: incremental rebuilds can produce stale results, so they are all designed around clean, cold workers that re-do all the build and test work.

Bazel should be hosted the opposite way: re-build and re-test work can be minimized by leveraging Bazel’s built-in incrementality, and correctness is guaranteed.

Aspect Workflows integrates with

“We went from having significant limits in CI and tools to where the limits are now just due to our code.”

Neal Norwitz, Software Engineer


Faster no-op build from 11 min to 1 min


Speedup of typical build & test


Reduced compute cost (despite higher usage)

Make Bazel fast

Configure Bazel with CI specific flags

Operate a horizontally scalable remote cache service

Detect anomalies to know when code changes regress performance

Elastic pool of CI workers

Reduce datacenter costs by scaling down unneeded replicas off-peak

Engagement model

Aspect engineers deploy the infrastructure, either in our Cloud account or yours

Aspect engineers are on-call for the service under our SLA

Warm CI workers

Avoid slow builds during scale-up periods when a developer’s request is dispatched to a fresh worker that has no local cache.

Ensure that Bazel repository cache is persisted across machines

Prevent analysis cache discards

Populate local cache from remote cache before accepting user requests

Execute Bazel repository rules before accepting user requests

Selective Delivery

Determine which deterministic build outputs differ from previous green builds

Coming soon

Re-build changed artifacts with version stamping enabled

Coming soon

Publish these artifacts to external storage such as container registry or cloud storage buckets

Coming soon

Ensure that PR/diff requests don’t have permission to push artifacts

Coming soon

Formatting and linting

Ensure that formatters were run and fail quickly, with a developer experience that guarantees quick repair

Expert help is a click away

Aspect Development, our professional services division, is here to help make your Bazel migration a success. Come find us at aspect.dev

Aspect CLI makes it easy for developers to diagnose their broken build with helpful commands and links to documentation.